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May 5, 2019
The Guide To All Guides!

In this forum you will find player made guides on everything Papyrus! It can range from how to make a grinder, to how to make a banana farm. It's all here! There will also be Staff Approved Guides*, which are guides that have been designated as accurate and very helpful. While we do allow people to freely make guides, there are some rules and guidelines this forum. Your guide should contain this content

- What you are covering
- How to do this thing(s)
- A proper title containing your information
- What is needed ( Plugins & Addons included)
- The username & Discord Tag of the person who created the guide
- Credits to the people who helped make it.

There is no exact format for guides. Guides will be read and moderated to make sure that no false information is being spread, or that scams are occurring. Please do not spam this forum, it is carefully watched through Discord & Webhooks. Thank you!

Start guiding!
Not open for further replies.